Article - systainer® inserts
Office lid “standard“
for systainer® T-Loc lid I - V* and systainer® T-Loc “SYS-Combi II + III“
With 3 pockets and 2 loops for pens

*except for systainer® T-Loc II with lid sorty-tray
$ 28.00

Tool tray
for systainer® T-Loc II + III and systainer® T-Loc “SYS-Combi II + III“
With compartments for hammer, folding rule, angle
bracket and 2 pockets for accessories
$ 9.50

Tool lid
for systainer® T-Loc lid I - V and systainer® T-Loc “SYS-Combi II + III“
With 9 loops and 5 pockets

$ 38.00

Cushion for systainer® T-Loc, anthracite
1 x EPP-cushion for systainer® T-Loc I-V and systainer® T-Loc "SYS-Combi II+III"

Cushion for systainer® T-Loc. Consisting of 1 x EPP-cushion, suitable for: systainer® T-Loc I, II, III, IV, V, SYS-Combi II + III - can be transported easily in the lid of the systainer® - robust and resistant - washable and easy to clean - comfortable and pleasant at all temperatures - quick montage and dismantling without tools.

Material: EPP.
Color: anthracite
$ 25.00

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