Insulated Systainer│ M 437 EPP
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Art. n░ 83500041
Insulated Systainer│ M 437 EPP
Body with lid: light grey (RAL 7035)
Lid handle: light grey (RAL 7035)
Catch: signal blue (HKS 43 K)

The Insulating Systainer│ is suitable for keeping materials either warm or cold. Insulating EPP inserts are located in both the lid and the body, thereby completely surrounding the contents. The individual pieces of the insert integrate perfectly together to keep contents warm or cold longer.

* The outside dimensions are measured without feet: H +0.28" (7 mm)

EAN-Code: 4063104002505

Outside dimensions H* 16.93" (430 mm) x W 15.59" (396 mm) x D 11.65" (296 mm)
Metric dimensions binding
Weight: 7.80 lbs (3.54 kg)

The set consists of:
1 x Systainer│ M 437
1 x EPP insulating element
(base element and 2 x intermediate frame)
1 x EPP insulating lid

Systainer│ M 437
Dimensions: H 16.93ö x W 15.59ö x D 11.65ö
Base material: ABS plastic
Weight: 6.371 lbs

EPP insulating element (base element)
Dimensions: H 0.98" x W 14.37" x D 8.89"
Base material: EPP
Weight: 0.617 lbs

EPP insulating element (intermediate frame)
Dimensions: H 0.98" x 14.37" x 8.89"
Base material: EPP
Weight: 0.287 lbs

EPP insulating lid
Dimensions: H 0.98" x 14.37" x 8.86"
Base material: EPP
Weight: 0.243 lbs

Inside dimensions: H 14.13" x W 12.60" x D 7.87"
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